Federal Agency NEPA Procedures

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Each Federal agency is required to develop NEPA procedures that supplement the CEQ Regulations. Developed in consultation with CEQ, Federal agency NEPA procedures must meet the standards in the CEQ Regulations while also reflecting each agency's unique mandate and mission. As a result, NEPA procedures vary from agency to agency.

Further procedural differences may derive from other statutory requirements, agency-specific regulations and guidance, and the extent to which Federal agencies use NEPA analyses to satisfy other review requirements. These include environmental requirements under statutes like the Endangered Species and National Historic Preservation Acts, the Executive Order on Environmental Justice, and other Federal, State, tribal, and local laws and regulations.

This resource is a compendium of Federal agency NEPA procedures. The procedures are listed alphabetically by responsible agency. Some agencies issue their procedures as regulations, others issue them as agency guidance documents. Those that are codified as regulations appear in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Where appropriate, the CFR and Federal Register citations providing notice of the agencies NEPA procedures are provided. Please click on the hyperlinks for additional information and, where available, the full text of the procedures.