Savannah River Site Spent Nuclear Fuel Management (DOE/EIS-0279-SA-01 and DOE/EIS-0218-SA-06)

This Supplement Analysis evaluates DOE's proposal to change the management method for approximately 3.3 metric tons of heavy metal (MTHM) of aluminum-clad spent nuclear fuel (SNF) from melt and dilute to conventional processing in H-Canyon at the Savannah River Site (SRS) and to down-blend the resultant highly-enriched uranium (HEU) to low enriched uranium (LEU) for use in commercial nuclear reactor fuel. The potential environmental impacts associated with the use of conventional processing, like those associated with the melt and dilute technology, were analyzed in the SRS SNF EIS (DOE/EIS-0279).

Separately, DOE proposes to transport target material, which contains HEU of U. S. origin, from Canada as part of DOE’s foreign research reactor (FRR) acceptance program. The material would be transported in liquid form to SRS. It would be processed in H-Canyon by conventional processing, and the HEU would be recovered for down-blending to LEU. In both the FRR EIS (DOE/EIS-0218) and the SRS SNF EIS, DOE assumed that this material would be transported in a solid form.