Disposal of Decommissioned, Defueled Naval Reactor Plants from USS Enterprise (CVN 65)

The Department of the Navy has prepared a Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) on the Disposal of Decommissioned, Defueled, Naval Reactor Plants from the USS Enterprise.  The world's first nuclear-powered naval aircraft carrier, Enterprise, is scheduled for decommissioning in 2013, following 51 consecutive years of service. Because the preferred alternative is to dispose of the Enterprise reactor plants at the Department of Energy’s Hanford Site*, the Department of Energy is a cooperating agency for this EA.  For additional information on the Draft Enterprise EA, please contact Mary Mascianica at (360) 476-7111.

*Naval reactor compartments, reactor core barrels, reactor closure heads, and pumps from Puget Sound Naval Shipyard or Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard that may contain Low-Level Waste or Mixed-Low-Level Waste are allowed for importation to the Hanford Site as per the Settlement Agreement re: Washington v. Bodman, Civil No. 2:03-cv-05018-AAM, January 6, 2006.