EA-1444: Finding of No Significant Impact

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Construction of a New Office Building, Childcare Facility, Parking Garage, and Storm water Retention Pond

The DOE has prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA), DOE/EA-1444, to analyze the potential environmental consequences of a major facilities construction effort at the Morgantown, West Virginia, campus of the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL). Within the existing NETL site, the DOE would construct a new 3-story office building with 48,000 ft2 of usable office space, sufficient to accommodate approximately 135 employees. Existing parking space lost to the proposed new office building would be replaced by construction of a 3-level parking garage plus the addition of one or more new paved parking areas. Several old trailer buildings on the existing NETL site would be retired and removed from the site. The DOE would also purchase five (5) acres of land adjoining the existing NETL site and would construct upon this land a new 9,200 ft2, 1.5- to 2-story building to provide child-care for a maximum of 142 children. Two residential dwellings on the acquired property would be removed to accommodate the new child-care facility. Within the low-lying part of this land, the DOE would construct a stormwater retention pond. Additionally, the NETL is considering the possibility of moving its employee credit union to the 5-acre parcel.