EA-1329: Final Environmental Assessment

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Wildfire Hazard Reduction and Forest Health Improvement Program at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, Nex Mexico

The Proposed Action (the No Burn Alternative) would consist of implementing a Wildfire Hazard Reduction and Forest Health Improvement Program at LANL that would not use fire as a treatment measure. This ecosystem-based management program would initially be composed of a series of individual, small-scale projects using mechanical and manual thinning methods that would be conducted over about 10 years with ongoing, long-term maintenance projects conducted thereafter. These carefully planned initial projects would be conducted to bring the forests at LANL to the desired end-state for wildfire risk followed by an on-going maintenance program to maintain the forests in this desired state with enhancements to improve overall forest health. An estimated 35 percent, approximately 10,000 ac (4,000 ha), of LANL would be treated under this program using forest thinning and the construction of access roads and fuel breaks as treatment measures. Wood materials generated by the treatment measures would be either donated or salvaged; waste wood materials (slash1) would primarily be disposed of through chipping and used as mulch on-site.