Strategic Petroleum Reserve Life Extension-II Work Packages

DOE/EA-2073 analyzed the potential environmental impacts of 86 planned actions that constitute the Strategic Petroleum Reserve Life Extension II (SPR LE-II) project. DOE/EA-2073-SA-01, a supplement analysis, considers whether additional planned actions require supplementing the EA: at the Bayou Choctaw site, installing microseismic data collection equipment; at West Hackberry, drilling 16 re-entry wells and elevating well pad dikes; at Big Hill, constructing a settling pond and improving a road; and at Bryan Mound, installing microseismic data collection equipment, drilling a replacement re-entry well, and constructing a new entry portal. Based on the supplement analysis, DOE determined that no further NEPA documentation is required for these actions.

For more information, see Strategic Petroleum Reserve Life Extension-II (SPR LE-II) Work Packages.