Chrysler Group Limited Liability Company Retooling, Reequipping, and Engineering Integration at Various United States Facilities ‐ Specific Project #1
CX(s) Applied: B1.31, B5.1
Date: 10/12/2010
Location(s): Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio
Offices(s): Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program

The Department of Energy's proposed action is to issue a loan to Chrysler Group Limited Liability Company for the retooling and reequipping of the existing… as well as associated engineering integration necessary for the assembly of the … The retooling and reequipping would involve the installation of new production equipment such as assembly fixtures and tools, robots, conveyors and test equipment. No construction is planned for this facility. A Title V air permit renewal application has been submitted and is currently under review by the… Department of Natural Resources and Environment. The application includes a slight modification to the prior permit for changes to the On‐Board Vapor Recovery system and a new Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer for the E‐Coat incinerator. No other new permits or modifications would be required.