Foreign Research Reactor Spent Nuclear Fuel Acceptance Program: Highly Enriched Uranium Target Residue Material Transportation

This Supplement Analysis (SA) summarizes recent activities related to the safe transport of target residue material (TRM), which contains HEU of U. S. origin, from Canada as part of DOE’s foreign research reactor (FRR) acceptance program. The material would be transported in liquid form to SRS. It would be processed in H-Canyon by conventional processing, and the HEU would be recovered for down-blending to LEU.  The analysis in the SA supports DOE’s previous determination that the transport of TRM would represent neither substantial changes to the actions evaluated in previous NEPA analysis, including the FRR Spent Nuclear Fuel Environmental Impact Statement, nor represent significant new circumstances or information relevant to environmental concerns.

This SA provides a detailed review of the process for transport package certification in the United States and Canada, the DOE program to train and familiarize first responders about the proposed shipments, and an analysis prepared by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) of the potential impacts of transporting the target residue material within Canada.  The SA concludes that the impacts associated with transport of TRM from Canada to SRS would be very low including impacts under accident conditions during transportation.

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