Nuclear Innovation: Clean Energy Future (NICE Future) is an international initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial.

NICE Future is led by the United States, Canada and Japan. Participating countries include Argentina, Poland, Romania, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

of the world's clean electricity currently comes from nuclear energy.

What is the NICE Future Initiative?

NICE Future aims to ensure that nuclear energy receives appropriate representation in high-level discussions about clean energy.

The initiative engages diverse stakeholders to focus on full-scale nuclear for baseload electricity as well as innovative, next-generation technologies and integrated renewable-nuclear energy systems across four key areas:

  • Technology evaluations of innovative energy systems and uses
  • Engagement of policy makers and stakeholders in future energy choices
  • Valuation, market structure, and ability to finance
  • Communicating nuclear energy’s role in clean, integrated energy systems

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NICE Future News

If you really care about this environment that we live in ... then you need to be a supporter of this [nuclear energy] amazingly clean, resilient, safe and reliable source of energy.

Rick Perry
Secretary of Energy


Secretary of Energy Rick Perry has strongly supported the inclusion of reliable, resilient and emission-free nuclear energy in clean energy dialogues. 

At the 8th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), Perry and the United States proposed a new initiative under CEM on nuclear energy.

Recognizing the importance of ministerial-level focus on nuclear energy technology and innovations in furthering the deployment of clean energy, Canada and Japan endorsed the proposal, joining the United States to form the core partners of an initial working group to define the initiative. 

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