Funding to Support Community Engagement on Consent-Based Siting

The Department of Energy (DOE) issued a $16 million funding opportunity announcement (FOA) to provide resources for communities interested in learning more about consent-based siting, management of spent nuclear fuel, and interim storage facility siting considerations. As a result of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023 (P.L. 117-328) enacted in December 2022, the Department is increasing the available funds for this FOA by $10 million for a new total of $26 million. Award recipients will promote dialogue that helps foster the development of innovative community ideas, incorporates principles of equity and environmental justice into community engagement strategies, and captures feedback related to the interim storage of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste.  

Tasks supported by the funding are divided into the three following areas: 

  • Organize, lead, and maintain meaningful, inclusive community and stakeholder engagement processes related to management of spent nuclear fuel 
  • Elicit and map public values, interests, and goals to promote effective collaboration and community-driven insights and feedback on a consent-based siting process for a federal consolidated interim storage facility  
  • Develop, implement, and report outcomes and strategies that support mutual learning among stakeholders, communities, and experts on nuclear waste-related topics  

Download the complete FOA below.

Interested in Participating and Finding Potential Consortia Partners?

The Office of Nuclear Energy is compiling a Teaming Partner List to facilitate the formation of new project teams for the consent-based siting consortia described in FOA DE-FOA-0002575. The teaming partner list allows organizations who may wish to participate in an application, but do not wish to apply as the prime applicant to the FOA, to express their interest to potential applicants and to explore potential partners. The teaming partner list will be updated frequently until the close of the full application period of the FOA, to reflect new Teaming Partners who have provided their information.

Submittal Instructions

Any entity or organization that would like to be included on this list should submit the following information in Excel format to with the subject line “Teaming Partner Information – DOE-FOA-0002575.” Information provided needs to include organization name, contact name, contact address, contact email, contact phone, organization type, area of technical expertise, brief description of capabilities (up to 3,000 characters, with spaces), and topic area. 


By submitting a request to be included on the Teaming Partner List, the requesting entity or organization consents to the publication of the above-referenced information. By enabling and publishing the Teaming Partner List, the Office of Nuclear Energy is not endorsing, sponsoring, or otherwise evaluating the qualifications of the individuals and organizations that are self-identifying for placement on this Teaming Partner List. The Office of Nuclear Energy will not pay for the provision of any information, nor will it compensate any applicants or requesting organizations for the development of such information. Participation in the Teaming Partner List is voluntary and does not substitute or replace the application requirements described in DE-FOA-0002575.

Have a FOA Question?

Questions regarding the content of this FOA must be submitted by email to

Questions must clearly specify the FOA areas to which they refer. DOE response is dependent on volume of questions and availability of staff. DOE will try to respond to a question within five business days. If a similar question has already been asked and answered, it will appear in the amended portion of the online FOA.

FOA Webinar

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Hear from Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, Dr. Kathryn Huff, and DOE Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition, Sam Brinton.
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