The purpose of this Fuel Cycle Technologies (FCT) Quality Assurance Program Document (QAPD) is to define quality assurance (QA) requirements for the FCT Program. These requirements are applicable to FCT activities and participants (see definition) to the extent defined herein. In developing these requirements, it is recognized that each Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratory is required to have a DOE or NNSA-approved QA program that complies with the requirements of DOE Order 414.1 or its equivalent, as well as those specified in 10 CFR 830.1 Subpart A if applicable. The quality requirements specified in this document are to be accomplished in addition to all specific site requirements.  Development and implementation of the FCT QAPD is consistent with the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy (NE) Quality Assurance Program Plan Revision 1 (approved April 2008).

Please direct any questions regarding this document to Mr. Ram Murthy, FCT QA manager, at