2013 Annual DOE-NE Materials Research Coordination Meeting

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The Reactor Materials element of the Nuclear Energy Enabling Technologies (NEET) program conducted its FY 2013 coordination meeting as a series of four web-conferences to act as a forum for the nuclear materials research community. The purpose of this meeting was to report on current and planned nuclear materials research, identify new areas of collaboration and promote greater coordination among the various Office of Nuclear Energy (NE) programs. Currently, materials research is performed in several NE programs, including NE Advanced Modeling and Simulation (NEAMS), Fuel Cycle Research and Development (FCRD), Advanced Reactor Technologies (ARC), and Light Water Reactor Sustainability (LWRS).  Although each program has unique materials issues, there are opportunities to enhance coordination and collaboration.  Other departmental programs such as the Offices of Science (Basic Energy Sciences and Fusion Energy), Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Fossil Energy, and other agencies such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) also sponsor research in nuclear materials. Engagement with these organizations fosters new research partnerships, enhanced collaboration, and shared investment in research facilities. The presentations from this four part webinar series are available here.

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