Photo of a large meeting room with people seated around a circular table.

GIF Policy Group Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, November 2013.

By Dr. John E. Kelly
Former Chief Technology Officer, Office of Nuclear Energy

The Generation IV International Forum (GIF) held its 36th Policy Group (PG) meeting on November 21-22 in Brussels, Belgium. The PG reviewed progress on a number of ongoing actions and received progress reports from the GIF Experts Group (EG) and the GIF Senior Industry Advisory Panel (SIAP). 

The PG received updates from members on the recent decadal planning effort, which re-examined GIF’s activities over the last 10 years and identified actions to strengthen future collaboration. As part of the decadal planning, the GIF technology roadmap was updated to reflect revised schedule projections for the deployment of advanced reactors and numerous technology advances. The technology roadmap update was agreed to by the PG and is planned for publication in January 2014. It will soon be available on the GIF website.

Updates were also provided by members on the technical status of the Lead Fast Reactor and Sodium Fast Reactor (SFR) Generation IV concepts, development of SFR safety design criteria and associated review by several national nuclear regulatory bodies, and ongoing interactions with the International Atomic Energy Agency's International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO). 

The GIF SIAP, comprised of senior industry executives from around the world, recommended development of advanced Generation IV reactor concepts with the needs of potential end-users in mind and that national regulators be engaged early in the design process while striving for designs with no offsite consequences.

GIF was formed in 2001 to facilitate international collaboration on the development of Generation IV (Gen IV) nuclear energy systems. Learn more about GIF.