On May 1, 2015, the Secretary of Energy determined that continued uranium transfers for cleanup services at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant and for down-blending of highly enriched uranium to low-enriched uranium will not have an adverse material impact on the domestic uranium mining, conversion, or enrichment industry (“2015 Secretarial Determination”). This determination covers continued transfers at the rates specified in the determination. The Secretary based his conclusion on the Department’s “Analysis of Potential Impacts of Uranium Transfers on the Domestic Uranium Mining, Conversion, and Enrichment Industries,” which is incorporated into the determination. This determination replaces and supersedes the previous determination issued in May 2014, which covered transfers for these two programs of up to the equivalent of 2,705 MTU per year. The 2015 Secretarial Determination will be published in the Federal Register.

Prior to issuing the 2015 Secretarial Determination, the Department sought public comment through a request for information and a notice of issues for public comment published in the Federal Register on December 8, 2014, and March 18, 2015, respectively. The Department also tasked Energy Resources International Inc., to assess the potential effects on the domestic uranium mining, conversion, and enrichment industries of the introduction of DOE excess uranium inventory in various forms and quantities through sale or transfer during calendar years 2015 through 2024 (“2015 ERI Report”). The 2015 ERI Report, the two Federal Register notices, and the comments received from the public are available.