With the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, DOE launched the Clean Energy Corps to hire individuals committed to public service and with a mission of supercharging the clean energy revolution. If you are a team player and are ready to help transform the national energy landscape, join the Clean Energy Corps! The Clean Energy Corps will help achieve DOE’s mission and implement key provisions of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. 

At the Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains (MESC), we are looking to hire employees from all backgrounds across America for a variety of positions. MESC is looking for individuals with a range of skills and interest in the nation’s energy supply chains, including batteries and critical materials, energy product manufacturing, workforce development, economic development and community benefits, industrial efficiency and decarbonization, and national supply chains. Examples of the skill sets needed include: 

  • Program and Portfolio Management
  • Project Management
  • Economic Development
  • Workforce Development
  • Supply Chains Analysis
  • Business Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Communications
  • Community Engagement

To become part of the Clean Energy Corps and join the Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations, send your resume to the DOE Applicant Portal and use the referral code #MESC. 

Application Instructions 

How to Apply to Clean Energy Corps Positions: 

Step 1: Send your encrypted Resume to MESCHiring@hq.doe.gov  

To email your password-protected resume, please include in the subject line “Resume for [enter the position you are interested in] consideration”. 

Send your resume as an encrypted and password-protected document (Learn how to password protect your document). Please INCLUDE the following information via email: 

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Resume (Password-protect your resume sent via email to MESCHiring@hq.doe.gov . In a separate email, send the password.) 

DO NOT include the following information: 

  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your address
  • Photos of yourself
  • Personal information, such as age, gender, religious affiliation, etc.
  • Classified or government sensitive information
  • Any encryption or digital signatures

Step 2: Visit the Clean Energy Jobs Corps page and click “Apply Now”. 

Step 3:  The relevant areas of interest for this office include: 

  • Batteries
  • Critical materials
  • Energy product manufacturing
  • Workforce development
  • Economic development and community benefits
  • Industrial efficiency and decarbonization
  • National supply chains 

Step 4: During the “Disclosures” step, under “Applicant Source”, select “Other”, and provide the referral code: #MESC. This code will direct your resume to the appropriate MESC hiring managers. 

Step 5: Complete all other steps of the application and hit “Submit”.