DOE Advanced Energy Manufacturing and Recycling Program Selectees Project Summaries


The global market for clean energy and carbon reduction technologies is anticipated to reach a minimum of $23 trillion by 2030. Swiftly increasing U.S. manufacturing output and deployment of clean energy technology is critical to meet this demand. By manufacturing clean energy technology domestically, the U.S. will reduce the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels, strengthen national defense and energy independence, revitalize industrial and energy communities and mitigate the climate crisis. Investing directly in the domestic manufacturing sector’s small and medium businesses rapidly builds capacity for clean energy production and maximizes the benefit to communities across the U.S.  

As demand grows for clean energy technology, the projects selected by MESC under the Advanced Energy Manufacturing and Recycling Grant Program, investments that will revitalize communities affected by coal mine or coal power plant closures through investment in clean energy supply chains, including production of critical materials, components for grid-scale batteries and electric vehicles, onshore wind turbines, and energy conservation technologies. 

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Advanced Energy Manufacturing and Recycling Program Selections Map
Advanced Energy Manufacturing and Recycling Program Selections Map

Selectee Name: Alpen High-Performance Products, Inc. 
Location: Louisville, Colorado & Vandergrift, Pennsylvania: 
Federal Cost Share: $5.8 million 

Alpen High-Performance Products, Inc. (Alpen HPP) is producing affordable energy conservation technologies for residential and commercial properties. These first-of-a-kind manufacturing operations in North America will automate triple/quadruple pane insulated glass unit production and increase the supply of low-cost, energy efficient window options. This project will increase Alpen HPP’s production 10X, create 100 good-paying jobs through investment in automation, and significantly reduce customers’ energy use and home heating and cooling costs.

Selectee Name: Boston Metal 
Location: Weirton, West Virginia 
Federal Cost Share: $50 million 

Boston Metal is bringing the production of critical materials essential for many clean-energy industries including nuclear, wind, hydro, concentrating solar power (CSP), geothermal, fuel cells, and green steel back to the United States. Boston Metal will build and operate the only domestic high-purity chromium and refractory metal alloy factory producing ultrapure chromium metal, high temperature alloys, and near net shape parts. This project will create 200 high-tech jobs with a focus on local hiring. Boston Metal will formalize and implement community and workforce development agreements. Boston Metal will tailor their workforce training programs to re-skill legacy workers, expand diversity in the workforce and vendor network, as well as provide wrap-around services such as expanding childcare services, ensuring flowthrough of benefits to the Weirton Community. 

Selectee Name: Carter Wind Turbines, LLC 
Location: Vernon, Texas 
Federal Cost Share: $20 million 

Carter Wind Turbines, a family-owned company, is bringing hybrid wind turbines and energy storage systems to scale production and improve wind energy access for remote, rural locations, and rugged terrains. Carter will be constructing a new facility to produce innovative onshore mid-sized 300 kW wind turbines. Carter anticipates creating 300 new high quality manufacturing jobs, unlocking additional funding from the private sector, and engaging extensively with the community to negotiate agreements and invest in workforce development and diversity. 

Selectee Name: CorePower Magnetics, Inc. 
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Federal Cost Share: $20 million 

CorePower Magnetics, Inc. is building an advanced metals and component manufacturing facility to boost domestic supply chain resiliency of transformers and motors for grid and electric vehicle applications. This project is retrofitting a former coal fired power plant to leverage a significant network of existing utilities, transportation, and facilities to create a domestic manufacturing facility which will install 10,000 tons of capacity for amorphous metals and magnetic component production. This will increase U.S. production by 20% (10,000 tpy) and meet an estimated 10% of global demand for these materials. CorePower Magnetics, Inc. proposed Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) that includes hiring 25-50 personnel to recapture jobs and lost tax revenues.

Selectee Name: FastCAP Systems d/b/a Nanoramic Laboratories  
Location: Bridgeport, Connecticut 
Federal Cost Share: $47.5 million 

Nanoramic is establishing a lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant in a former coal community in Bridgeport, CT. The plant will improve stationary storage and battery supply chains with the production of 2 GWh of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery electrodes, producing 20% of domestic material supply needs, to support renewable energy installations. There are numerous sustainability impacts with Nanoramic’s innovation in manufacturing processes that will reduce cost, improve energy density, and decrease energy consumption. Bridgeport is a DOE Communities LEAP Recipient and Nanoramic is executing a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) driving the creation of 200 permanent jobs in a Disadvantaged Community (DAC).

Selectee Name: LuxWall Inc 
Location: Detroit, Michigan 
Federal Cost Share: $31.7 million 

LuxWall will build the first high volume, fully automated vacuum insulated glass (VIG) unit production plant in the US for residential and commercial windows, creating 277 new jobs and reinvigorating the site of a former coal generation plant in the Delray neighborhood of South Detroit. This project will establish onshore manufacturing of a critical Advanced Energy Property, while enhancing U.S. competitiveness in the global windows market, this facility will manufacture up to 562,000 high-performance VIG units per year. LuxWall will bring a diverse and empowered workforce, co-designed community benefits agreements with a Community Energy Efficiency Program to install windows in the local community, robust training and apprenticeship programs, and act as a community leader and example of Clean Energy Manufacturing in South Detroit.

Selectee Name: MP Assets Corporation 
Location: Virginia 
Federal Cost Share: $100 million 

MP Assets is building a project in Virginia to produce world-class separators for lithium-ion batteries integral to electric vehicle supply chains. This project will secure domestic manufacturing of a market currently dominated by China. MP Assets will provide 282 permanent jobs for double-distressed coal and Justice40 communities and will ensure that at least 85% of full-time employees are from local Disadvantaged Communities (DACs) by the completion of the project.