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The Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) Challenge is an SPO initiative to incentivize DOE sites to upgrade their buildings to a higher standard of energy efficiency and savings. SPO’s goal is to have DOE sites award a minimum of $125 million in performance-based contracts by the end of FY 2018. Participating facilities will have the opportunity to reduce energy use by 40% or higher. A DER is a whole-building analysis and construction or renovation that would reduce energy costs while producing more energy. They can also improve the health of those who occupy the building. Some examples would include replacing traditional lighting fixtures with LED options or installing highly insulated roofs. An initial charrette with DOE stakeholders will take place on December 14th, followed by a larger, more inclusive charrette in February 2017. The goal of these charrettes is to consider obstacles and develop guidance for the challenge.

The first Notice of Opportunity is scheduled to be released in spring 2017.

For more information on the SPO’s Deep Energy Retrofit Challenge, download this one-page informational pamphlet.