Performance-based Service Acquisition (PBA) means an acquisition structured around the results to be achieved as opposed to the manner by which the work is to be performed.

Performance-based Work Statement (PWS) means that a statement of work for performance-based acquisitions that describes the required results in clear, specific and objective terms with measurable outcomes.

Statement of Objectives (SOO) means a Government-prepared document incorporated into the solicitation that states the overall performance objectives. It is used in solicitations when the Government intends to provide the maximum flexibility to each offeror to propose an innovative solution.

The DOE Performance Based Service Contracting (PBSC) toolkit is intended to provide a multi-dimensional tool for procurement professionals to utilize in the implementation of PBSC. The toolkit provides access to applicable policies, guidance documents, examples of required PBSC elements, and training opportunities. The best practices identified below are intended to provide ideas that may assist you in developing your own PBSC. The guidance and samples below don't provide "cookie-cutter" solutions. They illustrate proven approaches that you can adopt and tailor to your requirements. You can scan the models and use the example that best fits your requirement, or you can customize your own approach using aspects from different models. Keep in mind that the models must be analyzed and adapted to your requirement; the samples aren't intended as a substitute for your ingenuity.

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