March 24-26, 2015: Oak Ridge Site Visit

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March 24-26, 2015

The joint DOE/NPS team meets in Oak Ridge in the first of three site visits. The group does a day-long tour of the Oak Ridge Reservation’s three sites, visiting the “eligible areas” for inclusion in the park as cited in the Defense act. The team also has several opportunities to meet and get to know the community and its leaders. The park service members receive an especially warm and appreciative welcome as the first visible sign of the new park.

DOE/NPS team photo at the Y-12 National Security Complex overlook

Y-12's Ray Smith briefs team at the New Hope History Center

Team briefed at the Y-12 Beta 3 Racetracks--racetrack is in the background


ORNL Director Mason talks to the team in the X-10 control room

City of Oak Ridge publicity poster

City of Oak Ridge Community Open House

NPS's Victor Knox speaks to the Oak Ridge community

DOE's Laurie Morman speaks to the Oak Ridge community

Oak Ridge Mayor Warren Gooch talks with DOE's Laurie Morman

Oak Ridge community meets the park service

Oak Ridge community meets the park service