DATE:           April 6, 2018

TO:                Procurement Directors (PDs)/Heads of Contracting Activities
                      (HCAs)Contracting Officers/Contract Specialist

FROM:          Chief
                      Contract and Financial Assistance Policy Division
                      Office of Policy
                      Office of Acquisition Management

SUBJECT:     Agreements in Commercializing Technologies (ACT)

SUMMARY: Acquisition Letter (AL) 2018-06, revises the ACT H-clause to implement the Secretary of Energy’s decision to make the ACT mechanism permanent. In addition, the Secretary authorized a three-year pilot for Management and Operating (M&O) contractors to undertake ACT projects that include Federal funding, known as FedACT. The previous H-clause had limited ACT as a pilot, to a select number of M&O contractors for use with only non-Federal sponsors.

Incorporation of the H-clause into M&O contracts shall be negotiated locally by the M&O and local Contracting Officer.

Questions concerning this policy flash should be directed to:

Scott Geary of the Contract and Financial Assistance Policy Division, Office of Policy, Office of Acquisition Management at (202) 287-1507 or at of Energy (DOE) or for NNSA

Kevin Greenaugh, Assistant Deputy Administrator for Strategic Partnership Projects by phone at (202) 586-2026 or by email to Kevin.Greenaugh@NNSA.DOE.GOV