The purpose of this Policy Flash is to advise Contracting Officers of the establishment of a new National Interest Action (NIA) Code to track procurement actions made in support of the Pacific Earthquake and Tsunami. As explained below, this action does not trigger or otherwise authorize agencies to use any Emergency Acquisition Flexibilities in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 18.2. Effective immediately, procurement actions in direct response to the Pacific earthquake and tsunami should be reported in FPDS-NG using the NIA code "Pacific Earthquake/Tsunami 2011." The NIA value for Pacific Earthquake and Tsunami is currently valid from March 11, 2011, to September 12, 2011. Since responses to this incident may be conducted inside or outside the United States, Contracting Officers should ensure that "Place of Performance" data accurately reflects where the work will be performed. Note: This NIA Code should be used only to facilitate cost collection and reporting. Use of this NIA Code does not authorize or justify use of any Emergency Acquisition Flexibilities in FAR 18.2. However, the acquisition flexibilities described in FAR 18.1 may be available, as well as others in agency acquisition supplements, to support the response to the Pacific Earthquake and Tsunami.