The files listed below deal with varied types of emergency preparedness.

Disaster Supplies Kit Information - Produced by the National Disaster Education Coalition: American Red Cross, FEMA, IAEM, IBHS, NFPA, NWS, USDA/CSREES, and USGS

FEMA/Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Checklist - Learn how to protect yourself and cope with disaster by planning ahead. This checklist will help you get started. Discuss these ideas with your family, then prepare an emergency plan.  Post the plan where everyone
will see it—on the refrigerator or bulletin board.

FEMA/Red Cross Family Disaster Plan - Families can–and do–cope with disaster by preparing in advance and working together as a team. Follow the steps listed in this brochure to create your family’s disaster plan.  Knowing what to do is your best protection and your responsibility.

Winter Storm Emergency Preparedness Presentation (pdf) - created by Maureen Jones, OCIO, and modified by Cherylynne Williams.  It contains helpful information, but is by no means all inclusive.

Northern Virginia (NOVA) Home Guide to Emergency Preparedness - Planning for any emergency requires considering all likely scenarios. If you are able to stay at home, electricity, water, heat, air conditioning, telephone service and transportation could be disrupted or lost for a considerable amount of time.  It is important to develop a household disaster plan.

Red Cross, Terrorism, Planning for the Unexpected - There are things you can do to prepare for the unexpected and reduce the stress that you may feel now and later should an emergency arise. Taking preparatory action can reassure you and your family that you can exert a measure of control even in the face of such events.

FEMA Good Ideas Book - designed for program organizers, emergency managers, leaders of citizen groups and voluntary agencies, individual volunteers and others who promote disaster
preparedness.  Inside you will find ideas, materials and “how to” steps for a variety of outreach activities -- some simple for the first-time organizer, and some more complex for those able to spend the time to develop multi-faceted outreach efforts.