This annual report is structured around seven questions that help to assess the current state of DOE infrastructure and, going forward, the progress made in revitalizing that infrastructure:

  1.  Is the percentage of adequate facilities and other structures increasing?
  2.  Is deferred maintenance decreasing?
  3.  Is the square footage of underutilized space decreasing?
  4.  Are excess space/buildings being eliminated?
  5.  Are the costs of carrying excess facilities declining?
  6.  Did the Department make the investments it committed to make?
  7.  Are fewer core capabilities at risk due to infrastructure deficiencies?

Many of the metrics discussed in this report will provide insight into infrastructure condition and management as year‐over‐year trends. The first annual report in 2016 established metrics to address the questions above consistently across the DOE enterprise. The focus of subsequent annual reports is to analyze the quality of those metrics and examine any trends that are beginning to form.