Acquisition Letters (ALs) are issued under the authorities of the Senior Procurement Executives of DOE and NNSA. ALs are intended for use by procurement professionals of DOE and NNSA, primarily Contracting Officers, and other officials involved in the acquisition process. Only DOE and NNSA Contracting Officers make definitive interpretations of how ALs affect DOE and NNSA contracts and related procedures. ALs are effective upon issuance and until rescinded.

Implementation of the Management and Operating Subcontract Reporting Capability (MOSRC) and Special H Clause

ARCHIVED: Superseded by AL 2018-04



What is the purpose of this AL/FAL?

The purpose of this AL/FAL is to provide guidance to DOE and NNSA HCAs and COs for implementing the requirement that Management and Operating (M&O) contractors report first-tier small business subcontract transactions under their contracts.