Scott L. Whiteford is the Director, Office of Asset Management.  In this position, he is responsible for policy, guidance, and management oversight of the Department’s real property and personal property portfolios.  The Department’s diverse portfolios consists of 21,000 real property assets estimated at $135B, personal property estimated at $18B, over approximately 2.8 million acres of land, and fleet assets of over 14,000 vehicles dispersed on over 50 sites throughout the country. He also is the Head of the Contracting Activity for Real Estate and has been designated as the Senior Real Property Officer for the Department.  Mr. Whiteford came to the Department of Energy in February 2014 and was the Deputy Director, Office of Asset Management prior to being selected Director in September 2017.

Prior to coming to the Department of Energy, Mr. Whiteford was the Director of Real Estate for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  There he led a team of 850 realty specialists located in 40 locations throughout the world responsible for the acquisition, management, and disposal of real estate interests for the Department of Army and the Department of Defense.  Before joining the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mr. Whiteford held a number of leadership positions with the Naval Facilities Engineering Command including Chief Appraiser, Deputy Director of Real Estate, and Acting Director of Real Estate.

Mr. Whiteford has a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Iowa, has completed graduate studies at Colorado State University, and is a Facilities Engineering Level 3 Certified Acquisition Professional under the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA).