The U.S. Department of Energy is authorized to issue loan guarantees pursuant to Title XVII of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Eligible projects for the Title XVII program must:

  • Utilize a new or significantly improved technology; 
  • Avoid, reduce or sequester greenhouse gases; 
  • Be located in the United States; and,
  • Have a reasonable prospect of repayment. 

Building a Bridge to Bankability

Illustration of bridge highlighting 4 milestones to bankability

While significant capital is available for decarbonization technologies, these projects can still lack access to adequate debt capital. LPO fills this gap in commercial deployment by serving as a bridge to bankability for innovative and high-impact energy technologies, providing them with access to needed loans and loan guarantees when private lenders cannot or will not until a given technology has reached full market acceptance.

LPO provides a bridge to bankability for those technologies to cross the final milestones to commercialization:

  • The first commercial-scale deployment, to address the engineering scale-up challenges and demonstrate technology effectiveness at scale;
  • The next few commercial-scale deployments, to demonstrate the ability to mitigate construction risks and address engineering optimization;
  • Commercial scale-up, to progress along the learning curve, lower costs, and establish customer demand;
  • Commercial debt market education, to overcome private debt market misunderstanding and gain commercial debt access.

Track Record of Success

To date, the Title XVII Innovative Energy Loan Guarantee Program has provided more than $25 billion in loan guarantees to an all-of-the-above energy portfolio of projects. Learn more about projects that LPO has helped to fund at Portfolio Projects.

Title XVII Projects by Technology

Advanced Nuclear Energy Projects
Cleaner and Safer: LPO investments in next-generation nuclear technology move the nation toward a low-carbon future
Learn more
Photovoltaic Solar Projects
Powering New Markets: LPO investments are launching utilty-scale solar in the United States
Learn more
Wind Energy Projects
Turning Toward the Future: LPO investments harness the power of the wind from Hawaii to Maine
Learn more
Geothermal Energy Projects
Groundbreaking Clean Energy: LPO investments draw the benefits of America's geothermal resources to the surface
Learn more
Concentrating Solar Power Projects
Towers of Power: LPO investments help utility-scale solar reach new heights in the American southwest
Learn more
Storage & Transmission Projects
Putting Americans to Work: LPO investments are creating supply chains and supporting communities
Learn more
Bioenergy & Biofuels Projects
Homegrown American Energy: LPO investments are creating new sources of energy from abundant sources of biomass
Learn more

Building on Success for the Future

Moving forward, Title XVII has nearly $24 billion available for loan guarantees to accelerate the commercial deployment of innovative energy technology. For projects that are interested in the Title XVII program, visit Title XVII Open Solicitations.

Title XVII Open Solicitations & Guidance

Innovative Clean Energy: Fossil Loan Guarantees
Loan guarantees for commercial-scale, innovative fossil projects
Learn more
Innovative Clean Energy: Nuclear Loan Guarantees
Loan guarantees for commercial-scale, innovative nuclear projects
Learn more
Innovative Clean Energy Loan Guarantees
Loan guarantees for commercial-scale, innovative clean energy projects
Learn more
Distributed Energy Projects
Guidance for Distributed Energy Project eligibility under the Innovative Clean Energy and Innovative Clean Energy: Fossil solicitations
Learn more
Electric Vehicles & Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Guidance on loans and loan guarantees for the deployment and manufacture of EV and alternative fuel vehicles infrastructure
Learn more