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About the ATVM Loan Program

Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) loans support the development of advanced technology vehicles (ATV) and associated components in the United States. They also meet higher efficiency standards. (learn more)

The ATVM Loan Program is currently accepting applications. Click here to learn more about the application process.

ATVM Eligibility

ATVM loans may be made to applicants who are technically and financially eligible in order to finance the cost of:

  1. reequipping, expanding or establishing manufacturing facilities in the United States to produce ATVs or qualifying components or
  2. engineering integration performed in the United States of ATVs or qualifying components.

In order to be technically eligible for an ATVM loan, an applicant must be either:

  1. an automotive manufacturer satisfying specified fuel economy requirements or
  2. a manufacturer of qualifying components.

In order to be financially eligible for an ATVM loan, an applicant must be financially viable without the receipt of additional federal funding for the proposed project.

Please see Section I of the “Updated Guidance for Applicants to Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program” for more information on general eligibility requirements.

If you are not eligible for the ATVM Loan Program, click here to learn about several other government programs that offer support for clean energy projects.

ATVM Application Information

Interested applicants should do the following:

  • Review the ATVM eligibility requirements
  • Review the Updated Guidance for Applicants to Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program
  • Submit an application that includes all information specified in 10 CFR 611.101Sample ATVM Projects

Visit the ATVM projects section of our projects page website to learn more about existing ATVM projects.

Here are two sample ATVM projects:

  • Ford Motor Company is using a $5.9 billion loan to upgrade factories across Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio and to introduce new technologies that will raise the fuel efficiency of more than a dozen popular vehicles. The project will convert nearly 33,000 employees to green manufacturing jobs.
  • Nissan is using a $1.4 billion ATVM loan to retool their Smyrna, Tennessee, manufacturing facility and construct one of the largest advanced battery manufacturing plants in the United States. The plant will be capable of producing 200,000 advanced-technology batteries a year.