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LPO is employing an enhanced pre-application consultation process to better prepare prospective applicants to submit successful applications. Prospective applicants are encouraged to review the ATVM eligibility requirements, the ATVM loan program overview, and Guidance for Applicants to the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program

To begin the pre-application consultation process with LPO, prospective applicants may contact LOP at


No payment of fees to the Department of Energy is required to begin the pre-application process for an ATVM direct loan.

The costs of DOE's external advisors will be paid for by the applicant.

A fee of 10 basis points of the ATVM direct loan is required to be paid to the Department of Energy on the closed date of the ATVM direct loan.


The Department of Energy uses monies appropriated by Congress to pay the credit subsidy costs of ATVM projects.