Christy Jackiewicz

Christy L. Jackiewicz has been providing federal leadership in advocacy, contracting, policy, budget, human capital and outreach since 1989.

As Chief of the Minority Educational Institution Division in the Office of Economic Impact and Diversity, Christy engages with the Department of Energy's (DOE) program offices, laboratories, and field sites to establish internships, research opportunities, grants, and cooperative agreements with Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs). These relationships increase the capability of stakeholders to build a pipeline of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Energy leaders for the future of this agency and the American workforce.

Christy enjoys developing and implementing comprehensive program strategies, supporting White House initiatives that benefit the public, and making it easier for agencies to perform and produce through organizational and individual development. Her expertise in strategic, innovative customer relationship management and process improvement has been a source for positive change throughout her career.

Christy values effective public policies that expand opportunities for all people, reduce hardships among the most vulnerable, and strengthen the fiscal health of our government organizations.

Christy graduated with honors from the Science and Technology Program at Eleanor Roosevelt High School; a highly challenging four-year curriculum that provides college level academic experiences in science, math, and technology for high school students. She has earned a master’s of business administration degree with a minor in International Marketing from Strayer University, earned a Professional Certificate from Cornell University in Diversity and Inclusion and a master’s of arts degree in Health and Wellness Coaching from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

Christy has obtained an Executive Certificate in Leadership from the Federal Executive Institute and a Public Leadership Executive Certificate from the Harvard Kennedy School. She is also pursuing a professional certificate with the Stanford School of Engineering under the Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies Program. Christy is currently an Executive Coach with the Treasury Executive Institute and Loyola University.

Christy is well known as an advocate for sustainable positive change and development for all people.