The Micro Accelerator Initiative with the Department of Energy’s Office of Economic Impact and Diversity (ED) aims to create windows of opportunity for minority stakeholders. ED is collaborating with universities all around the country to provide online information sessions to build a platform for current minority student programs and highlight opportunities and resources for prospective students. These webinars will provide attendees with first-hand information on current programs and future initiatives; they will highlight internships, research projects, and partnering opportunities for minority students and faculty members.

On Wednesday, March 17 2021, ED hosted its first informational session featuring Dartmouth University. The webinar gave attendees an intimate look into Dartmouth’s Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies and the deep commitment they have to furthering STEM education and supporting minority initiatives. Attendees received first-hand information from Jane Seibel, who serves as the Assistant Dean of Recruiting, Diversity and Communications. Jane shared insights into Dartmouth’s admissions processes and emphasized committing to a holistic application review. Trained in how to evaluate and read without underlying biases, Jane and her admissions team are dedicated to cultivating a diverse and inclusive community on Dartmouth’s campus. Jane was especially excited to share Dartmouth’s decision to eliminate the GRE requirement from most of their program applications, in hopes of creating more access for students and taking a step towards removing barriers to entry. Jane also shared additional information about the application process from a technical perspective and gave prospective students advice on how to elevate their applications.

The session also covered Dartmouth’s Academic Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (ASURE) program. This program features opportunities for undergraduate students to be matched with a faculty member of their interest for an immersive summer research program. Focused on academic research, networking, and mentoring, ASURE prepares students for future graduate training and expands their professional network. Dedicated to supporting Dartmouth’s students, the program provides a $5,000 stipend, housing, travel expenses, and food allowance for all selected undergraduates. The program also offers opportunities for undergraduates to connect with faculty and current graduate students on a more intimate level through coffee hours, professional development workshops, and large group projects.

From our conversations with Jane, it is clear that the community at Dartmouth is particularly engaged around diversity initiatives. There are active diversity councils and working groups collaborating together to make sure the Guarini Graduate school is a warm and inclusive environment. Dartmouth seems to be dedicated to cultivating a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff who can come together to share perspectives, learn, and grow.

Future Information Sessions will continue the discussion on elevating opportunities for minority stakeholders, and will feature schools such as Cornell, Yale, MIT, and West Point University. To register for future events, please visit our Calendar and Events page.