“We are Re-Imagining the means in which we do what we do.”

On August 20th 2020, the Department of Energy’s Office of Economic Impact and Diversity (ED) launched its trademark Equity in Energy Initiative at the 43rd Annual National Conference of the American Association of Blacks in Energy’s (AABE). Equity in Energy, under the direction of the Secretary of Energy, Dan Brouillette will lead the charge in fostering an inclusive energy economy at the DOE and the energy sector. 

In prepared remarks, Secretary Brouillette praised the launch of the Equity in Energy Initiative and thanked AABE for its work in expanding energy opportunities to African Americans and other underserved communities.  The Secretary also highlighted ED’s Champions and Ambassadors program leading the promotion of diversity and inclusion within DOE and with external partnerships. 

As Director Campos stated, “Our Nation is quickly becoming a majority-minority one, meaning we are the most diverse nation in the world. Those who live in these communities understand the economic and energy problems facing their communities better than anyone in Washington ever could, and we need to make sure their voices are heard and incorporated into every effort we pursue.”

We are also proud to launch the Ambassadors program comprised of 20 private sector energy, community and education leaders and 9 DOE Champions dedicated to bridging the gap between talent in diverse communities and the energy sector.

Our Champions and Ambassadors are DOE and industry thought leaders that are tasked with finding innovative new pathways to promoted diversity and inclusion, while raising awareness of their respective field of energy expertise.

Although our launch could not be in person due to COVID-19 prevention measures, we are grateful to Paula Glover, President of AABE, for her contributions to making this a great event. We would also like to thank the program office leaders who contributed to the discussions; Steven Winberg, Chris Fall, Conner Prochaska, Cheryl Ingstad, Nick Andersen and Kevin Frost.