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Airstreams Renewables, Inc.
Offers training and certification programs to assist veterans and active-duty service members in their transition into civilian jobs.
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DOE Scholars
Veteran college students or recent graduates may intern seasonally or year round. Includes Energy Management and Intelligence programs for veterans.
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Federal Agent Nuclear Materials Courier Program
Serve as a member of a highly specialized armed protective force responsible for the safe, secure transport of classified and/or hazardous material.
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Military Academy Collaboration
Provides opportunity to explore R&D disciplines and technologies of mutual interest to the Military/Service Academies, DOD, DHS, DOT, and NNSA.
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Operation Warfighter Program
Wounded, ill and injured military service members may intern to develop military skills in preparation to transition into civilian occupations.
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Pathways Program
Federal internship and employment opportunities for current students, recent graduates, and those with an advanced degree.
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Helps veterans start new careers in the exciting and evolving energy sector.
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Troops to Energy Jobs
Supports veterans in transitioning to a career in the energy industry.
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Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program
Helps veterans and service members with service-connected disabilities and an employment handicap prepare for, obtain, and keep suitable jobs.
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