Tribal Renewable Energy Webinar: Understanding the Energy Policy and Regulatory Environment

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May 4, 2016 11:00AM to 12:30PM MDT

Federal and state governments play an important role in developing and regulating different sources of energy. In the United States, energy policy and conservation are primarily governed by federal statutes. They are supplemented by state law in cases where federal law does not address the issue. In addition, the states have their own, and often disparate, policies, rules, and regulations concerning exploitation, development, and use of energy resources within the boundaries of their jurisdiction. Understanding federal and state regulations and policies can help tribes develop projects more efficiently and meet state/federal regulations when applicable. Tribes can also use their knowledge of state and federal policies to create their own regulations and targets.

Learn about federal, regional, and state policies and regulations as they pertain to energy development and how tribal and inter-tribal policies, including community aggregation, can be implemented to ensure a sustainable energy future.