2018 Tribal Energy March Webinar: Energy Opportunities in Tribal Housing

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Energy Opportunities in Tribal Housing

The Office of Indian Energy, in partnership with Western Area Power Administration, hosted a webinar on how to progress toward established energy goals with a focus on opportunities in tribal housing. Speakers will discuss how to establish departments or groups within the tribe to lead both near- and long-term energy planning priorities; the importance of documentation and knowledge transfer as tribal members and tribal councils change; and, for those further along in the development process, the benefits of developing new tribal energy organizations to support project negotiation strategies, and foster and grow tribal management capabilities.

Speakers include:

  • Tweedie Doe, Office of Indian Energy
  • Sarah Olson, U.S. Housing and Urban Development
  • Carrie Nelson, Bonneville Power Administration
  • Retha Leno, Akwesasne Housing Authority
  • Alexandra Terry, Tohono O'Odham Ki:Ki Association
  • Sean Esterly, National Renewable Energy Laboratory.