2017 Expanding Tribal Energy Development April Webinar: Pitching Your Project

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Pitching Your Project

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Indian Energy, in partnership with Western Area Power Administration, hosted a webinar titled, "Pitching Your Project," on April 26, 2017. To move an energy project forward, project leaders need to succinctly and convincingly convey the project idea to “investors” such as private equity investors, a tribal council, or a tribal business board. In the investment world, this is known as a “pitch.” Regardless of the industry, the skill of pitching ideas is basically the same. In this webinar, participants will receive tips on how to improve their pitch to increase its likelihood of resulting in an investment.

Speakers included:

  • Randy Manion, Western Area Power Administration
  • Lizana Pierce, Office of Indian Energy
  • Doug MacCourt, Office of Indian Energy
  • Scott Geary, Stone Angel Capital.