May 14, 2020

Review of Allegations Concerning Improper Use of Fleet Vehicles

The General Services Administration provides vehicles and fleet management services to Federal agencies, including the Department of Energy.  The Department leases Government vehicles at many locations, including the Nevada Field Office and the Nevada National Security Site.

In October 2018, the Office of Inspector General received allegations that: (1) employees were using General Services Administration fleet passenger vehicles (Government vehicles) for personal use to commute to the National Nuclear Security Site, and; 2) Government vehicles were being parked at a local mass transportation center, the Regional Transportation Center, which was known as a target for vehicle theft and/or vandalism.  We initiated this inspection to determine the facts and circumstances surrounding the allegations.

We did not substantiate the allegation regarding employees using Government vehicles for personal use, but we substantiated the allegation regarding Government vehicles being parked at the Regional Transportation Center, where some Government vehicles had been stolen and/or vandalized.  In response to the theft and/or vandalism, the Nevada Field Office Manager directed personnel not to park at the Regional Transportation Center and took a number of corrective actions. Based on these actions, we are not making any recommendations at this time.

Topic: Management & Administration