Since November 2015, Sarah Nelson has been part of the Office of Inspector General’s Senior Executive team, serving in multiple positions.  Most recently and since its development, Ms. Nelson has served as the Assistant Inspector General for Technology, Financial, and Analytics.  In her role she is responsible for overseeing the planning, execution, and reporting for all Technology and Financial audits, inspections, and assessments.  Ms. Nelson is also responsible for the development and integration of data analytics into the Office of Inspector General’s workplan.

Ms. Nelson began her Federal career in 2004 with the Department of Energy, Office of Inspector General as an information technology auditor for the Technology Audit Group.  As an information technology auditor she performed a wide range of audits, inspections, and assessments related to technology, cybersecurity, and program and project management.  In 2012, Ms. Nelson accepted a position as the Technical Monitor for the Eastern and Technology Division reporting directly to the Assistant Inspector General for Audits.  In this role, Ms. Nelson additionally provided support to Inspections on the execution and reporting of their work on the Department’s programs and operations.  In 2014, Ms. Nelson was selected as the Director in the Office of Inspector General’s Office of Planning, Administration, and Quality Assurance within the Office of Audits and Inspections.  In this capacity, she was responsible for the development of policy and guidance, quality of audit and inspections issued, and budget management for the Office. 

Ms. Nelson graduated magna cum laude from Tennessee Wesleyan College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, Finance, and Computer Information Systems. She is also a graduate of the Federal Executive Institute.  Ms. Nelson has received numerous awards from the Office of Inspector General Office of Audits and Inspections, and the Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency.