After graduating from Penn State University, Lewe Sessions began his law enforcement career in 1999 as a police officer for the Central Intelligence Agency and then transitioned to become a special agent with the Diplomatic Security Service where he conducted passport and visa fraud investigations, in addition to serving on the protection detail for the Secretary of State and other foreign dignitaries. 
In 2005 Lewe joined the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) community as a special agent with the Department of Treasury.  In this capacity, Lewe conducted employee misconduct and financial investigations.  In 2010 Lewe moved to the Department of Justice OIG, investigating a variety of contract, grant, and program fraud matters, in addition to employee misconduct. 
Lewe was promoted to Assistant Special Agent in Charge in 2014, supervising agents, and forensic auditors.  In 2015 Lewe was one of two OIG employees to be selected for the Department of Justice’s Leadership Excellence and Achievement Program.  In 2016 Lewe was promoted to the position of Special Agent in Charge where he assumed leadership of employees at multiple locations across the country.  In April 2020 Lewe was promoted to Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Investigations at the Department of Energy OIG and in January 2021 Lewe was promoted again to the position of Assistant Inspector General for Investigations, leading the Office of Investigations.