April Stephenson

Principal Deputy Inspector General

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Ms. Stephenson serves as the Principal Deputy Inspector General and Assistant Inspector General for Audits and Inspections within the Department of Energy, Office of Inspector General.  Prior to her positions in the Office of Inspector General, Ms. Stephenson was the Chief Operating Officer of the Department of Energy's Loan Programs Office.  Ms. Stephenson has also served as the Director of the Office of Financial Risk, Policy, and Controls, in the office of the Chief Financial Officer of the Department of Energy.  Prior to joining the Department of Energy, Ms. Stephenson had 24 years with the Department of Defense.  Ms. Stephenson was the Director of the Defense Contract Audit Agency, the largest audit agency in the Federal government responsible for completing over 30,000 audits covering over $500 billion in contract costs on an annual basis.

Ms. Stephenson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from California State University at Chico and a Master of Science degree in Administration from Central Michigan University.  Ms. Stephenson is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the state of North Carolina.  She has received numerous awards throughout her career including the DCAA Distinguished Service Award, the highest award provided by the Agency.