Department of Energy's Office of International Affairs has had a leading role in supporting efforts by the Government of Ukraine to strengthen its energy planning capabilities, introduce critical reforms and enhance the country’s energy security.

Since 2014, the Department of Energy has provided technical expertise to Ukraine through the development of a series of “winter action plans,” comprehensive roadmaps which designed to prepare the country for possible disruptions during each winter season in the electricity, natural gas, and district heating sectors.

DOE is now working with Ukraine on the development of a national energy resiliency plan, which would enable decision-makers to better understand the interdependencies in the generation, transmission, transport, storage and distribution of energy across all sectors; to improve information-sharing among entities; and, to coordinate their response to energy shortages.

DOE has also supported Ukraine’s energy sector in the area of cybersecurity, through incident response and by providing technical assistance to prepare for potential cyber threats and to develop capabilities for mitigating attacks.

U.S. DOE Secretary Rick Perry with Ukraine President Mr. Poroshenko
DOE Secretary Rick Perry meeting with Ukraine President Mr. Poroshenko