Andrew L. Horn

Chief of Staff

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Andrew Luxton Horn, Chief of Staff for the Office of International Affairs

Andrew (Drew) Luxton Horn of Virginia was sworn in as the Chief of Staff for the Office of International Affairs at the Department of Energy on December 4, 2018. Mr. Horn is a highly experienced national security leader with extensive management experience in federal service, the private sector, and active duty military service. Prior to his role at the Energy Department, he served as the presidentially appointed Director of Afghanistan Policy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and was instrumental in the design and implementation of the Trump administration’s South Asia Strategy. Mr. Horn previously worked as a management consultant, and also spent ten years in uniform as a commissioned officer in the United States Military, first as a United States Marine, and then as a Special Forces Officer in the United States Army. He has extensive combat experience in Afghanistan as a commander of a direct-action commando team, and successfully completed three combat deployments to Afghanistan in Special Forces, and one to Iraq as a Marine.