The Office of Learning and Workforce Development is working with Heads of Departmental Elements, DOE senior leaders and subject-matter-experts to capture and transfer the knowledge and experiences of its current employees, through the Knowledge Capture and Transfer Program.  This program is initiating immediate action to stem the potential loss of critical knowledge and skills possessed by older, retirement eligible employees. Recognizing adverse economic conditions and dwindling budgets, the DOE will utilize cost-effective methods, including leveraging the highly technical and diverse expertise within the Department, to help address its knowledge capture and transfer challenges. 

The Knowledge Capture and Transfer Program currently has three main focus areas:

  • Executive-to-Executive - focuses on engaging DOE’s executive corps to capture critical knowledge, skills, and special interest topics which will be shared with the broader DOE community via interviews, articles, best practice publications, and papers.
  • Leaders as Teachers - focuses primarily on engaging GS-12 to GS-15 employees who have subject-matter-expertise that can benefit other employees, through formal training activities, curriculum development, and other types of information exchange.
  • Partnerships with Institutions of Higher Education - enables the Office of Learning and Workforce Development to work more effectively with institutions of higher education to leverage learning resources and provide expanded talent development opportunities to DOE employees.