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Desk Reference on DOE-Flex

This document provides supplemental guidance on DOE’s telework program (July 2011)

DOE Desk Reference on Recruitment and Retention Incentives

This desk reference contains sample recruitment, relocation, retention, and student loan incentive plans and service agreements.

DOE Handbook on Leave and Absence
This guide supplements the requirements and responsibilities described in DOE O 322.1A, Pay and Leave Administration and Hours of Duty, and is desi...
DOE Handbook on Overtime

The purpose of this reference material is to assist servicing personnel office and financial management staffs and time and attendance clerks...

Handbook on Overseas Assignments

This handbook covers all types of Federal employment overseas, including details, both within DOE as well as to other agencies; transfers to...

Job Analysis Template

Job analysis is the foundation for all assessment and section decisions.   This standardized document allows Shared Service Centers (SSCs)...

Manager's Desk Reference on Human Capital Management Flexibilities

The purpose of this document is to provide DOE managers and supervisors with information on available flexibilities that can be used in day-to-day...

Operational Plan and Desktop Reference for the Disability Employment Program

The Department of Energy's Plan and Desktop Reference for hiring individuals with disabilities.

Supervisory - Non-Supervisory Employee Performance Management and Recognition Program Desk Reference

Desk Reference for Employee Performance Management and Recognition Program