The strategic management of human capital requires comprehensive planning and analysis in order to develop, implement, and evaluate programs that support every facet of employee work life. DOE human capital initiatives are designed to support continuous improvement and accountability in accordance with  the DOE Human Capital Management Accountability Program (HCMAP), which is an internal DOE audit process of servicing human resources offices and addresses those documents that require coordination with the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer before being implemented; Human Resource Directors; the Department’s 5-year Strategic Human Capital Management Plan; Departmental element workforce plans; the Department’s personnel accountability program that is used during COOP or other emergency situations; and general human capital management information that isn’t covered by any other specific topic, e.g., A Manager’s Desk Reference on Human Capital Management Flexibilities.

Documents Available for Download

DOE Strategic Human Capital Plan
The Strategic Human Capital Plan sets forth the framework for managing the Department of Energy’s (DOE) human capital system through 2015.
January 1, 2011
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Manager's Desk Reference on Human Capital Management Flexibilities
The purpose of this document is to provide DOE managers and supervisors with information on available flexibilities that can be used in day-to-day human capital management activities, especially those bearing on the recruitment and retention of high-qu...
October 1, 2010
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