Handicapped Parking Procedures (HQ)

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It is the policy of the Department of Energy (DOE) that its parking facility be operated in a manner responsive to the needs of the Department, and for the maximum benefit of its employees. Individuals with temporary or permanent mobility impairment who, because of their condition, have a need to request a handicapped parking permit for the Forrestal or Germantown facilities, should use the following procedures:

Complete a Parking Application

Complete the Permit Application form DOE F 1400.12.

In instances when the Parking Management personnel can visually assess an applicant's mobility impairment (i.e. use of crutches, walker, etc.), a temporary parking permit may be granted. At the time of application, the employee should provide the parking office with medical documentation supporting the need for the accommodation.

Provide Medical Documentation

In cases when the mobility impairment is not visually assessable, the applicant will be required to provide medical documentation* consisting of a signed letter from the attending physician on his/her letterhead, to include the following:

  • Condition and prognosis
  • Mobility limitations related the condition
  • Length of time the condition is expected to continue

Note: A Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) application is not acceptable as medical documentation.

*All medical information is kept confidential and may be submitted in a sealed envelope.

Complete a Medical Release Form

A Federal Occupational Health (FOH) medical release form must accompany all requests for handicapped parking when the mobility impairment is not visually assessable. This form allows the FOH medical professional to contact the attending physician for medical information prior to making a determination regarding the need for handicapped parking as an accommodation.

Submit the Application and Supporting Documentation

Applicants should submit the completed parking application, physician’s letter, and signed medical release form to: Suzanne K. Piper, Accommodation Program Manager, Forrestal Building, room 4E-084 or faxed to (202) 586-9375. Faxes are received by a dedicated fax in the Accommodation Program office. Upon receipt, the medical release form and medical
information are faxed to the Federal Occupational Health for review. Originals are kept in a
locked cabinet in the Accommodation Program office.

To ensure privacy, the physician’s letter may be provided in a sealed envelope addressed
“For Medical Officer, Eyes Only”. Medical documentation provided in this form will be mailed,
along with the signed medical release form, to FOH for processing.

Incomplete applications will be held for 10 working days until all paperwork is provided. If not
received within the time allotted, applications will be returned to the requestor.

What Happens Now?

Applications will be reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate DOE medical professional who
will either make a determination based on the information provided or will, as warranted and
appropriate, confer with the applicant’s physician. Once the determination has been made,
Parking Management will notify the employee of the decision.

On a case-by-case basis, temporary parking for a period not to exceed ten (10) working days may
be issued to applicants during the period of medical review of documentation.

Surrender Regular Parking Permit

Current parking permit holders approved for handicapped parking will be asked to surrender
their regular parking permit for the period of time the handicap permit is in effect. The regular
permit will be returned once the handicapped permit is no longer required.

Other Considerations


Due to limited space in the parking facility, only individuals with a documented mobility
impairment will be granted a handicapped parking permit.


Sufficient parking spaces are designated handicapped to accommodate the need of those with
mobility impairment and will not be reserved for a specific individual. Individuals with
mobility impairment should contact Parking Management for a handicapped parking permit.

State Issued Handicapped Stickers or License Plates

State issued handicapped stickers or license plates do not automatically guarantee disability
parking, and those without DOE handicapped issued permits are subject to a fine/ticket.
Employees wishing to use the handicapped spaces in either facility must obtain a handicapped
permit from the parking office.

For more information, contact:

Accommodation Program Manager: 6-8515, Forrestal 4E-084
Forrestal Parking Office:                      6-4271, Room GG-031
Germantown Parking Office:               3-7050, Room E-073