As a Federal employee, you may have the opportunity to participate in a number of employee benefit and family-friendly programs. If your appointment to Federal employment confers eligibility, you may elect to participate in health, dental, and life insurance programs; retirement savings plans; flexible spending accounts; long-term care insurance; and vacation and sick leave. In addition, there are a number of family-friendly programs that the Department of Energy (DOE) offers its employees, such as alternative work schedules, flexiplace/telecommuting, transit subsidy, child development centers, and exercise and wellness facilities.

The employment forms found in this section collect important and necessary information about your individual employment benefit election decisions. They will be used to record your election to participate (or not) in the programs for health and life insurance, the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). They also are used to record your beneficiary information.

The information preceding these forms provides an introduction to the many benefits of working for the Federal government and the DOE.


As a Federal employee, you will most likely earn an hourly wage or yearly salary. The amount of this wage or salary should be noted in your job offer letter and/or prior discussions with the Human Resources Office. Discussions regarding pay usually result in the most frequently asked questions from all new employees - How much money will be in my paycheck? And when will I receive my first paycheck? The first question is difficult to answer, given that your individual net pay amounts will be influenced by several factors, such as benefit elections and tax exemptions. The second question is a bit easier. The Federal government operates on a bi-weekly pay cycle. Thus, there are 26 pay periods in each calendar year. The Department of Energy pay periods run from Sunday through the following Saturday. Paydays are every other Thursday.

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