2021 Annual Employee Survey Results

Public Law (5 CFR Part 250; Subpart C - Employee Surveys), requires Federal agencies to administer an Annual Employee Survey and post the results for public access. This report includes information on the mandated survey questions from the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

2021 Survey Details and Changes from 2020

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has administered the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) annually since 2010 (and biannually from 2002 to 2008). The OPM FEVS is an organizational climate survey and assesses how employees jointly experience the policies, practices, and procedures characteristic of their agency and its leadership. In 2021, to be responsive to changing needs and gain insights about managing during a continued crisis, OPM streamlined the content of the FEVS to focus on 44 core questions and 13 pandemic response questions.

In prior years, a New Inclusion Quotient (the New IQ) with five sub-factors (Fair, Open, Empowering, Supportive and Cooperative) was an additional performance metric. In 2020, New IQ questions were removed to limit burden of additional questions about COVID-related work experiences. OPM may develop a new index based on the new 2022 FEVS DEIA questions.

Core Survey Results Summary

For the fourth year in a row, DOE had the highest response rate among large agencies. A total of 12,359 DOE Federal employees received the survey and 7,980 surveys were completed, for a final response rate of 65%, compared to 34% government-wide and 44% for large agencies. (OPM defines large agencies as having 10,000- 74,999 Federal employees.)