Much of the work of the Department of Energy's Office of Science (SC) is supported through grants and contractual vehicles.  This work is processed through the Office of Science Grants and Contracts Division (GCD) which serves as the principal acquisition, financial assistance (grants and cooperative agreements) and contract/grant management advisor to the Director of Science.   The GCD provides independent analyses, advice and recommendations on procurement and assistance actions initiated by SC; identifies problem areas, opportunities and management issues and makes recommendations; serves as SC focal point in developing positions and responses to proposed Federal and DOE procurement and assistance regulations and business management policies and procedures; provides advice and guidance and serves as the SC focal point with DOE field offices, laboratories, universities, contractors, grantees and other Government agencies on SC policies and strategies with respect to acquisition, financial assistance and contract/grant management issues.

The Department's Office of Nuclear Energy re-established, in FY 1998, a competitive peer-reviewed program to provide grants allowing nuclear engineering faculty and students to conduct innovative research in nuclear engineering and related areas. The awards run from one to three years and are granted in eight separate technical areas related to nuclear engineering: reactor physics, reactor engineering, reactor materials, radiological engineering, radioactive waste management, applied radiation science, nuclear safety and risk analysis, and innovative technologies for next generation reactors, space power and propulsion, or radiation sources. This type of research is vital to the academic community to help promote excellence in nuclear engineering and provide resolution to issues confronting nuclear engineering in general.

The Office of Nuclear Energy provides tuition, stipends, and practicums to outstanding graduate students studying nuclear engineering and health physics and undergraduate scholarships and practicums to students pursuing a nuclear engineering course of study to ensure that our country will have an adequate supply of trained nuclear scientists and engineers. As an element of this activity, the University Partnership Program pairs minority institutions with institutions offering a nuclear engineering degree to enable more minorities to enter the field of nuclear engineering.