Master-Bilt: Order (2015-SE-42030)

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September 27, 2016

DOE ordered Master-Bilt Products to pay a $37,800 civil penalty after Master-Bilt admitted that it had manufactured and distributed in commerce in the U.S. at least 189 units of commercial ice-cream freezer model GT-60, and that the model does not comply with the energy conservation standards. The Order adopted a Compromise Agreement, which reflected settlement terms between DOE and Master-Bilt.

On August 31, 2016, DOE alleged in a Notice of Proposed Civil Penalty that Master-Bilt manufactured and distributed noncompliant commercial ice-cream freezers in the U.S. Federal law subjects manufacturers and private labelers to civil penalties if those parties distribute in the U.S. products that do not meet applicable energy conservation standards. This civil penalty notice advised the company of the potential penalties and DOE's administrative process, including the company's right to a hearing.

DOE issued a Notice of Noncompliance Determination to Master-Bilt on April 14, 2016, finding that Master-Bilt model GT-60 does not comport with the energy conservation standards. DOE determined the products were noncompliant based on DOE testing and Master-Bilt's admission of those facts. Master-Bilt notified each person (or company) to whom Master-Bilt distributed the noncompliant products that the products do not meet Federal standards. In addition, Master-Bilt provided to DOE documents and records showing the number of units Master-Bilt distributed and to whom.