Islandaire: Noncompliance Determination (2015-SE-43007)

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February 25, 2016

DOE issued a Notice of Noncompliance Determination to Islandaire, Inc. finding that the Islandaire package terminal air conditioner basic model CPZ-09ANR1-B, which includes models EZ4209B and EZDR09B, does not comport with the applicable energy conservation standards.

DOE determined the product was noncompliant based on DOE testing.  Islandaire must immediately notify each person (or company) to whom it distributed the noncompliant products that the product does not meet Federal standards.  In addition, Islandaire must provide to DOE documents and records showing the number of units Islandaire distributed and to whom.  The manufacturer and/or private labeler of the product may be subject to civil penalties.

It has come to DOE’s attention that Islandaire has sent its customers a letter that suggests that the Islandaire models DOE found to be noncompliant with standards are, in fact, compliant.  Be advised that DOE’s determination of noncompliance with respect to Islandaire PTAC models stands, and Islandaire is still prohibited from manufacturing, importing, and distributing in commerce any model that DOE has determined does not comply with an applicable energy conservation standard, including models EZDR07B, EZ4207B, EZDR49B, EZ4209B, EZDR12B, EZ4212B, and any other models within the noncompliant basic models.  Any statement to the contrary should be disregarded.  DOE will post a Notice of Allowance here if DOE finds that Islandaire has modified the model so as to make it comply with the applicable standard.

Information regarding continued distribution in commerce of a noncompliant model may be provided to DOE at